Wheel Chair Lifts

All, regardless of configuration, come equipped with safety features.

  • Apex Green
  • Apex Hydro
  • Apex Complete
  • Apex Elite
  • Delta IPL
  • Omega IPL

Inclined and Vertical Lifts Give Dependable Mobility from Floor to Floor

Nationwide Lifts of Texas offers an efficient solution to mobility obstacles. Apex Wheelchair Lifts by Nationwide Lifts will help you stay mobile on different levels.

Apex Green

  • Screw drive system
  • Ideal system for outdoors
  • Anti-skid surface on platform floor
  • Travel up to 14 feet

Convenient & Durable

The Apex Green is a vertical platform wheelchair lift that can be added indoors or outside. This wheelchair lift supports up to 750 lbs.

Apex Hydro

  • Hydraulic drive system
  • 750 lb. capacity
  • Travel up to 14 feet
  • Emergency battery-powered lowering

Aesthetic & Functional

The Apex Hydro is a vertical platform chair lift that is propelled by a smooth hydraulic system. The speed is much faster than screw drive systems.

Apex Complete

  • Integrated wheelchair lift and enclosure
  • Enclosure frame constructed of corrosion-resistant frame
  • Enclosure panels made of painted steel or acrylic

Technical Specs

The Apex Complete is an all-around enclosed wheelchair lift. It saves you the trouble of building a hoistway.

Apex Elite

  • Stainless steel or brass finish
  • Glass panels and doors
  • 750 lb. capacity


The Apex Elite is a custom-built wheelchair lift. It is a great option for luxury hotels, convention centers and other high-end commercial buildings and homes.

Delta IPL

  • Rack & pinion drive system
  • 550 or 650 lb. capacity
  • Travel capability of up to 82 feet
  • Straight staircases


The Delta IPL is an inclined wheelchair lift. This economical lift option it perfect for moving between two floors.

Omega IPL

  • Cable drive system
  • 550 lb. capacity
  • Works outdoors
  • Curved staircases


The Omega IPL is customized to your structure. This wheelchair lift can handle curved stairways, inside or outdoors.