We are licensed for home elevators, wheelchair lifts, commercial elevators and dumbwaiters.

Residential Elevators

Nationwide Lifts of Texas feature contemporary elevators like the Visi-48.

This elevator is sold exclusively by Nationwide Lifts. This is a cable-driven residential elevator with a unique design. It is designed to smoothly integrate into existing homes or new construction. This elevator can be installed in applications from 2-5 stops. It has a maximum travel distance of 50 feet. Nationwide Lifts is also proud to offer the Freedom Green elevator. This is an environmentally-friendly residential elevator.

Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair accessibility is important for commercial buildings and many residential homes. We can provide a smooth ride from point A to point B with a wheelchair lift. Vertical and inclined options create a path while offering a non-skid surface that supports from 550 to 750 pounds.


When stairs specifically pose a mobility or accessibility concern, our Indy Stair Lifts present an economical, compact strategy. A track in alignment with your staircase takes a chair or platform up or down, with weight, size, and configuration capacities varying with each system. Find options for narrow or curved staircases and outdoor usage.

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