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  • Do you need better wheelchair access?

  • Before selecting a residential elevator,
    consider your expectations

  • Through our extensive selection– you'll find vertical
    and inclined wheelchair lifts as well as adjustable stair lifts.

  • From entering a building to moving between floors, our
    Apex Wheelchair Lifts present an economical solution.

  • Built for multi-story homes and small commercial buildings,
    these devices efficiently travel between floors.

  • Our two residential dumbwaiters dependably assist with moving
    trays of food, baskets of laundry, and many more items between floors

We are licensed for home elevators, wheelchair lifts, commercial elevators and dumbwaiters.

Residential Elevators

Nationwide Lifts of Texas feature contemporary elevators like the Visi-48. This elevator is sold exclusively by Nationwide Lifts. This is a cable-driven residential elevator with a unique design. It is designed to smoothly integrate into existing homes or new construction. This elevator can be installed in applications from 2-5 stops. It has a maximum travel distance of 50 feet. Nationwide Lifts is also proud to offer the Freedom Green elevator. This is an environmentally-friendly residential elevator. No machine room is required for this elevator. The Freedom Green lives up to its name. It uses less energy than many elevators and the interior cab walls contain recycled/recovered wood content. The Freedom Commercial elevator is an economic commercial elevator option. It is an ideal choice for handicap accessibility in small buildings. This model can hold up to 1,400 lbs. A machine room is required for this elevator.

Stair Lifts & Wheelchair Lifts

When stairs specifically pose a mobility or accessibility concern, our Indy Stair Lifts present an economical, compact strategy. A track in alignment with your staircase takes a chair or platform up or down, with weight, size, and configuration capacities varying with each system. Find options for narrow or curved staircases and outdoor usage.

Particularly for commercial buildings but also for Texas homeowners, wheelchair accessibility is extremely pertinent. Ramps, however, tend to be cumbersome, so why not provide a smooth ride from point A to point B with a wheelchair lift? Vertical and inclined options create a path while offering a non-skid surface that supports from 550 to 750 pounds.


Baskets of laundry, electronics, small furniture, and even trays of food create a potential fall hazard as you move around your Texas home. Reduce this risk by installing a dumbwaiter. Quality construction goes into Nationwide Lifts’ Jeeves systems. Commercial-grade rail and trolley systems create the strength needed to dependably move from floor to floor, as clear text prompts and illuminated buttons ensure straightforward operation. To progress from planning to installing any of Nationwide Lifts’ mobility devices, contact us for a catalog or a quote.

Our Products

Home & Commercial Elevator Options in Texas

Nationwide Lifts of Texas brings years of experience and outstanding customer service to Dallas and surrounding areas. Could your home or business benefit from a reliable and economically efficient elevator? Nationwide Lifts is ready to help homeowners and business owners in the Metroplex and all of its 12 counties discover all of the advantages of modern elevators, wheelchair lifts and dumbwaiters.

To learn more about Nationwide Lifts and how we can help with your home elevators need, call us at 214-705-3708. Contact us for a quote or for a free copy of our product catalog.